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Reef aquariums require very stable water conditions for maximum growth and maintenance of corals. The correct chemical balance can be easily achieved through the addition of Aqua Medic Tri Complex.

Tri Complex consists of 3 premixed 2ltr bags containing 300% concentrated solutions, ideal for use with a dosing system such as the Aqua Medic Reefdoser EVO 4.
Blue Solution: contains pH Buffer 1 + Iodine and Flourine complex.
White solution: contains pH Buffer 2.
Red Solution: contains Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium + vital Trace Elements.
Tri Complex is easy to dose, highly concentrated, gives a calcium supply without ion shift and helps reduce water changes.
To start add a daily dose of 10ml of each Tri Complex solution for every 100ltrs of aquarium water. Check the carbonate hardness (KH) regularly and aim for an optimal 7 - 9 dKH.
Dispense equal amounts of all three solutions to an area of high water fllow, to reach your required KH reading.
The pH value is buffered in the range of pH8.3 to pH8.6
Some cloudiness may occur when dispensing the white component, but this is normal and the water will quickly clear.
Tri Complex can be dosed manually if desired, but it is essential that the 3 dosages are equal.

Based on a daily dose of 10ml for every 100 litres of aquarium water, Tri Complex 3 x 2ltr will treat the following:
Aquarium 100ltrs @ 10ml/day = 200 days
Aquarium 250 ltrs @ 25ml/day = 80 days
Aquarium 500 ltrs @ 50ml/day = 40 days

Manufacturer: AB AQUA MEDIC GMBH

Unit Of Measure: ea

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